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Second Section Newsletter

The Second Section Newsletter
The Monthly NL informing members of recent events, volunteer opportunities, items for sale,
historical items donated and events we will be participating in
or the community may be participating in that you can attend.
We hope you will learn about us and our volunteer efforts in preserving railroad history.
We will post the newest Second Section here in PDF form.
You can view past NL's on our Archive page.

Minutes from June 22, 2017 meeting.

    President Bernie Hanmore called the membership meeting to order at 6:48 p.m. at the residence of Terry and Maryann Martin, located at 9899 Franklin Pike, Meadville, PA. The meeting was scheduled at the Martin's for the annual membership picnic.

    Attending the meeting and picnic besides our hosts, Terry and Maryann, were Bernie and Lori Hanmore, Dennis, Donna, and Phoebe Mead, Ed and Suann Cronin, Carl and Vanessa Timko, Bill McComas, Jack and Linda Sheets, John and Lynda Snyder, Stan Niwa, Hunt Christie, Al and Brenda Reibel, Scott and Joyce Ladner, Chris Manning, Jonathon and Stephanie Gable and their children, Tanner, Alexis, and Tyler, and guests Sandy Porter and Eddie Johnson.

Treasurer's Report

    Treasurer Ed Cronin's financial report for the month included balances, income and expenses. Income was from a donation for the snowplow and the expense was for the purchase of a light base from the Hite Company.

Committee Reports


    Members are reminded that dues are to be in by June 30.

    Members re-elected Ed Cronin as Treasurer. Ed has said this will be his last two year term as Treasurer. Also re-elected were
Bill McComas and Jack Sheets as directors. Vanessa Timko declined to accept re-election as Assistant Treasurer due to her
work schedule. She was, however, elected through a motion by an approved motion to fill Tom Stewart's remaining year as a
director. Tom resigned his post and will not renew his membership. This leaves the post of Assistant Treasurer open. No one at
the meeting stepped forward to accept the position. If any member, who can attend the meetings wishes to accept the position,
contact any of the current board members.

Property / Equipment

    The committee has not heard from a supplier for the wood siding that needs replaced on the B&LE boxcar. The board may have to look for other options to find the wood siding to complete the boxcar. Stan Niwa said he would look in his stock to see if he has anything that would be of use. The boards would have to be milled to match the rest of the siding and then painted before
they are installed on the boxcar. Other work that still needs to be done include rebuilding one door, sandblast, paint and
reinstall the door rollers, rebuild and reinstall one door track, replace a door fascia and toller support board, and paint the lettering on the uncompleted side of the boxcar. Work sessions are as weather permits. Members are notified by the Secretary via email. Those that do not have email and wish to participate can call the Secretary at 814-337-3710 to be put on the list for notification.

    No word has been received from the surveyor hired for surveying the new property located across the street from the display
site. Surveying needs done before we receive the snowplow to mark property lines.

The steps to the caboose were installed during the work session the day before this meeting. Jack Sheets asked for permission
to paint the steps a different color and received it from the board. Jack said this will be his donation to the FCVRRHS. Jack
also dug the hole for the base of the signal mast. A 2 foot Sonotube © will be needed to pour the concrete. New wiring will
have to be installed. It was suggested to get UF/ Direct Burial wire.

    Al Reibel purchased a light base for the fifth flood light for the display site. The flood lights will have to be repositioned
to even out the lighting.

    The FCVRRHS is still waiting to hear from Norfolk Southern. NS is to be the host railroad to haul the TTX flat car, as per the TTX protocal of requiring a class 1 railroad to be the host. NS would haul the flat car, loaded with the DL&W snowplow to a
connection with the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad, who would then take it to their Olean, N.Y. facilities and
unload the snowplow. They would then bring it down to Meadville on its own wheels. A connection with the Buffalo & Pittsburgh may be be needed at Buffalo if interchanging at Hornell, N.Y. is out of the question. Dennis Mead called to ask Carl Belke for the NS contact information. Tom Myles, an owner of short line railroads, has offered to help after conversing with Dennis. Dennis is still waiting for a follow-up call from Mr. Myles.

Public Relations / Education

    Carl Timko was thanked for submitting articles in the Meadville Tribune that details the activities of the organization,
keeping the public informed.

    The FCVRRHS is requesting photographs to be used in the 2018 calendar. If any member would like to loan their photos of
railroad activity in Crawford County, please contact the Secretary, Carl Timko, at, or call 814-337-3710,
Or contact one of the officers or board members. Another option is to send them directly via U.S.P.S. to FCVRRHS, P.O. Box
632, Meadville, PA 16335. All photos will be credited to the photographer or the owner of the collection, if the photographer
is not known. Photos will be returned to the owner unless the sender would like to donate the photographs.

Special Events / Programs

    The Lake Shore Railway Historical Society finally received their newly acquired C&O / Chessie System B30-7 #8272 in time for their Night at the Museum program. It was donated by CSX and painted by CSX's Huntington, WV shops, shortly before CSX laid off a number of employees at this shop. Huntington shops also repainted a retired CSX SD40 into Chesapeake & Ohio colors for the C& O Historical Society, which will display the unit as C& O #7534 at Clifton Forge, VA. This locomotive was the last to wear C&O colors before being incorporated into the CSX color scheme.

    The train shows were not listed at the meeting, but rather were offered to the members by the Secretary at the members'
request. No members at the meeting requested the information. However, below is a listing of train shows and excursions for
the next month.

The Train Collectors

    Association is having their convention in Pittsburgh from June 24 through July 2, 2017. The event will be at the Wyndham Grand Hotel downtown. Public displays are open on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The public marketplace will be Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    The Greenberg's Great Train and Toy Show will be in Monroeville, PA on July 22 and 23,2017 at the Monroeville Convention
Center. Admission is $10 on Saturday and $9 on Sunday. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Next Meeting

    The next membership meeting will be Thursday, July 20, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., at the display site in Pomona Park, Meadville, PA, weather permitting. If the weather is inclement, the Secretary will notify members of the change of venue. Members and guests are asked to bring their own chairs. See you there!

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